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Even when the world had lost its style and not quite forgotten the 80s, they were our constants, our touchstones. Enjoy today's Fanvid Friday selection: Back to the Beginning by Pteryx Videos.

{youtube}koQJbT8LQrc {/youtube}  



Today's Fanvid Friday selection is simply stunning. With fantastic editing, gorgeous coloring and a song chock full of feeling, we couldn't ask for more. All I Want by TheMrsLondon. Enjoy!

{youtube}HPwfzj6AzOI {/youtube} 



There really wasn't any other choice for today's Fanvid Friday entry. In light of this week's very promising news, may we present to you:

{youtube}-Dw3m-vIj7A {/youtube} 

We couldn't agree more, Agent Scully.

Head on over to Youtube and give Johnny Lloyd Rollins some thanks for this awesome supercut. 



The X-Files wasn't always action and aliens and angst. Sometimes our favorite duo got a little silly. With that in mind, enjoy this little nugget from KatrinDepp as todays Fan-vid Friday selection.

 {youtube}EvWs7Hwx0Lo {/youtube}



Our Fan-vid Friday selection this week comes from Snakey973. A Parallel Universe, exploring the parallels between Fight the Future and I Want to Believe. The visuals are gorgeous, and my eyes were opened to similarities I would have never spotted on my own.

 {youtube}AH3yRDhOoOI {/youtube}




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