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Today we're going to do Fanvid Friday a little differently. A two for one deal, if you will. 

First up, to whet your whistle for the #XFilesRevival we bring you this newly-upgraded to glorious 4k HD, fanmade intro to The X-Files: Season 10. If what Chris Carter and Co. brings us is only half as pretty as this, I for one, will be a happy Phile. Kudos to Pie TV for this amazing vid. 

{youtube}gEBojspPztE {/youtube} 

Next up, we have something a lot more flaily, and with a fair amount of spoils. 1013sds brings us a vid full of warm and fuzzy feelings. Not your usual fanvid either, this one celebrates fandom and the return of the cast and crew to Vancouver. It features twitter updates, set pics, and articles from our very own website. So, you've been forewarned. If spoilers aren't your cup of tea, then head back up top and rewatch that beautiful trailer again.  

{youtube}z5MiG8fq9A4 {/youtube} 

Happy Friday all! May your weekend be filled with fandom and flail. Only 220 days... 

"Let's do this one more time..." the song says and we couldn't agree more! Just a few days away from the start of production for the X-Files Revival, we'd like you to enjoy a golden oldie from FrancyPhoebe. Have a great weekend, X-Philes!





We've got a new vidder to the X-Files fandom for this week's Fanvid Friday. Check out I'm Afraid to Believe by Zinther. The editing and visuals are gorgeous, the music choice perfect, and the voiceovers chosen give this vid that extra Oomph of feeling. Head on over to youtube and leave them a comment or a like and welcome them to the Phile family! 

{youtube}xmCWp1sa6zk {/youtube} 


This week's Fanvid Friday feature is so fancy, it nearly caused an international XFN incident. With two XFN staffers ready to rock, paper, scissors for who got to post this week's tribute to Dana Scully, the countdown to midnight began. After all, what kind of professionals would we be if we posted Fanvid Friday on Thursday? (shhhh west coast)

Fancy is brought to you by Snakey973 and is perhaps one of the most perfect Scully anthems to ever grace YouTube. As we anxiously await #XFilesRevival, let's break out some tambourines and lace up our Reeboks cause it's about to get Fancy.



Today's Fanvid Friday selection, Ghosttown, comes from Andrea Marie. With a fabulous song choice and all the Mulder and Scully pretty, it's definitely worth a watch or twelve. Enjoy!

{youtube}FABOZDtFL0o {/youtube} 


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