There's something down in the tunnels of the Boston subway system, but Scully won't be going down to investigate because she's secretly gestating an alien baby that Doggett doesn't know about yet. "Medusa" was a big hit tonight; Scully took charge while wearing a turtleneck and leather and Doggett electrocuted some bioluminescent flesh-eating microorganisms.

It was like "Darkness Falls" in a tunnel meets "Pusher", but without the playboy channel. Check out the hilarious best tweets from #XFRewatchMedusa!




Between the holiday and the frenzy over the leaked footage of The X-Files: Re-Opened special, today was a slower day for the rewatch. However, "The Gift" was a very appropriately titled episode for the day. Here's to hoping you all got lots of awesome X-Files themed gifts this holiday season. 

Check out the best tweets from #XFRewatchGift.




The X-Files Global Rewatch has reached the notorious "butt genie" episode, and you guys had some serious wise cracks when it came to "Badlaa". From squeaky wheels and fat jokes, to new Doggettisms and Scully's beautifully tragic breakdown at the end, here are your best tweets from #XFRewatchBadlaa!




The Scully skeptibrow was strong, the Skepti-Doggett was even stronger, and you guys kicked it in the ass re: Terminator jokes. Also, should we start a tally on how many turtlenecks Scully owns?

Here's your best tweets from #XFRewatchSalvage.


If you had a super power such as X-Ray vision, what would you do with such? We know that many of you would want to take a tour of the FOX Vault!

Here are the best tweets for our rewatch of "Surekill", many of them approved by Robert Patrick himself!



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