"Maybe there's hope." In 2002, those were the very last words we heard Mulder speak. After nine seasons, 202 episodes, a feature film, and an immeasurable amount of laughter and tears, we thought we'd come to the end of the road for Mulder and Scully. But as Scully says about Mulder, this fandom can't give up. We didn't give up. And now we're on the eve of The X-Files' return to television. How many other fandoms can say they've helped bring their characters back to life? That's a pretty amazing thing. We've got one more stop on the Rewatch Road with a viewing of The X-Files: I Want to Believe, but until then we'll celebrate what was once a series finale that is now just another season finale. Here are your best tweets from "The Truth."

I'm going to borrow tonight's summary of "Sunshine Days" from XFN's very own Sophie Brown. She writes: "It’s the story of a female agent. Who had just been assigned onto The X-Files. Her name was Agent Reyes, a believer, in paranormal worlds. It’s the story, of a man named Doggett, Who had struggled, believing what he saw. He’d been sent down, into the basement to finish Mulder’s work."  There's more to her epic work, you'll find it at the end of tonight's best tweets so read through! We love your thoughts on what was originally the last monster-of-the-week episode, which now we can just say is the last MOTW of Season 9! Here are your best tweets.

As Season 9 came to a close the writers were looking for closure for their characters. Tonight in "Release" it was Agent Doggett's turn for answers. A mysterious cadet at the FBI Academy has answers that finally solve the murder of Doggett's son Luke, who was killed in 1993. It's a beautiful, haunting episode with gorgeous performances from Robert Patrick, Annabeth Gish, and Barbara Patrick, who appears as Doggett's wife. And if the story wasn't enough to make you cry Mark Snow's score will. Here are your best tweets.

We knew this day was coming and somehow after all these years it never gets any easier. The Rewatch Crew got together for one of the most painful episodes in the series, "William." Tonight we cried with Scully as she made an impossible choice about her son's future and consoled each other with the hopeful thought that maybe the revival will finally bring healing for Scully. Here are your best tweets.

"The ones who never give up never die." In "Jump The Shark," what starts as an episode that seems comedic ends with most fans screaming. How can we say goodbye to the Lone Gunmen? Morris Fletcher sends Doggett and Reyes to the Gunmen, in search of an associate of theirs who may be a super soldier. The plot takes a few twists and turns but what we remember most is how Langly, Byers, and Frohike died protecting thousands from a bio weapon. Like Scully says, the world is a better place because of people like the Lone Gunmen. And as Frank Spotnitz said, "no one really dies in The X-Files" and we can only hope to be reunited with the boys again. Here are your best tweets.


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