hug? "Home Again" is, to me, the most heartbreaking episode of Season 10, but it's arguably the most gruesome and violent too. That's a testament to the writing and directing abilities of Glen Morgan, who performed both roles in this episode. It's been almost two years since we said goodbye to Maggie Scully and it's fair to say the Rewatch Crew still isn't over it. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny's performances are outstanding, and the case is dark enough to keep you up at night. Or maybe lead you to change the channel on the radio if "Downtown" ever comes on. Here are your best tweets!

Yeah, this is how we like our Mulder! "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" was a smash with the critics and fans alike. Written by Darin Morgan, the episode is full of Easter eggs for long-time fans, and lots of humor and absurdity for anyone to appreciate. And who doesn't love a red speedo? Here are your best tweets!

Stop this feels bus, I'd like to get off. I think that was the general conclusion from the Rewatch Crew after tonight's viewing of "Founder's Mutation." The episode, which was written and directed by James Wong, is both terrifying and incredibly moving. We cringed at some of the more horrifying parts and needed a giant group hug by the time we left Mulder sitting alone with a photo of his son in the Unremarkable House. And if you need a break from all the angst, be sure and watch the best blooper ever that came from the apple throwing incident between Rebecca Wisocky and Gillian Anderson. Here are your best tweets.

Welcome back, Rewatch Crew! It's been a while since we've gathered together for an episode. Almost 2 years have passed since our global rewatch ended. And we're excited to count down with you all to Season 11 on January 3rd. "My Struggle" premiered on January 24th, 2016, and had the tall order of establishing where the characters had been for 8 years, bring new fans up to speed, and satisfy long-time fans as well. Revisiting the episode after some time has passed makes for an interesting perspective. We would also like to note the passing of Rance Howard. He played Mulder's "old man" informant. Howard passed away this morning at the age of 89. Not everyone thought the episode hit the mark but there is plenty to enjoy as well. See what your fellow Philes thought in your best tweets.

Well Philes, it's been a long and crazy ride. Tonight marks the end of a long journey. We've now watched 208 episodes and 2 films together and it's been a blast reading through all your thoughts and sharing your excitement. The X-Files Season 10 came to close with "My Struggle II" and emotions are still running high. This episode centers on Scully's journey and the realization that she could be the one to save us all with her alien DNA. We get another Mulder Ditch, an epic Mulder fight scene, the return of Tad, Einstein, Miller, Monica Reyes, and oh yeah, the Cigarette Smoking Man. A global pandemic, SCIENCE, a giant UFO, and THE CLIFFHANGER TO END ALL CLIFFHANGERS round out the hour. This episode definitely brings out very strong reactions and opinions in everyone who watches. The tagline tells us "This Is The End" but is it really? For now, until we know for sure about Season 11, I'll say "here are your best tweets" for the last time. It's been a great ride.


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