As part of the events surrounding Monday's season finale, Dr. Anne Simon held a screening and Q&A at the University of Maryland. There she discussed the science behind the finale and previous episodes with a populated group of fans and scientists. 

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As a surprise for her fans, Gillian Anderson held a Q&A on Twitter where she answered a variety of questions this afternoon. From The X-Files to Streetcar, she was very candid about all things professional and personal.

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On February 5th, the Saint Louis Science Center hosted an evening dedicated to The X-FilesA part of their First Friday series,The Truth Is Out There was a six-hour event packed with lots of spooky happenings. With events ranging from an educational alien autopsy to photos in Mulder’s office, a Phile couldn’t help but quietly squeal seeing science so beautifully blending with The X-Files. What more could a girl (or guy) ask for? Hit the jump below for a recap of the evening and an in-depth run-down of Dr. Dan Yezbick’s symposium.

An additional spread of interviews with the man behind the oldest new hit on Television speaks about the show's return and more. Check out these six questions with Chris Carter.

On the success of The X-Files' return...



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FOX has released a new set of interviews with Chris Carter about a variety of topics around the revival of the show and the force behind it. 

On Ideas for The X-Files, a 3rd Movie and the Revival...


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