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In 2015, XFilesNews reached 27,000 followers on Twitter, published more than 550 articles, wrote 88 reviews, featured 80 fan videos, held more than 10 contests, attended 4 conventions, went to 3 David Duchovny concerts, sent 2 reporters to Vancouver, and watched 1 new episode of The X-Files.

So before the clock strikes midnight at XFN headquarters, let's take a look back at one of the best years the fandom has ever seen. Click on the dates to read more about each event.

Agent Monica Reyes returns to The X-Files and there's a fair amount of secrecy around it. Annabeth Gish chatted with us during the LA Screening for season ten's first episode. What does she have to say about her return to the show?



Back in October, we had the pleasure to share a few minutes with Writer/Director Glen Morgan. He shared a few candid memories of coming back to the show for The X-Files Revival.

Check it out. 



txffaq1Recently we brought you the review for The X-Files FAQ, and this week we sat down with the author, John Kenneth Muir, for a couple FAQs of our own.

Hit the jump to read our write up or listen to the uncut conversation.

Don't forget to enter our contest to win a copy of John's book, The X-Files FAQ.











In case you missed it, Gillian Anderson will be attending the FanExpo Canada in Toronto this weekend. She will be signing autographs on Satuday September 5th and holding a panel on Sunday the 6th. You don't want to miss out; the lady will be auctioning off coveted #XFilesRevival hats like the ones worn by her and many others of the cast and crew. If you're in attendance, you'll have the opportunity to bid on one of them, autographed by Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian herself.

The second one will be auctioned during a separate auction later this year. All proceeds will go to charity.


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