<p>A few weeks ago, AOL Originals featured a short interview with Chris Carter, about his experience creating <em>The X-Files</em>, running the show and it coming to an end after 9/11. Enjoy this very honest experience with the man behind our favorite story.<em><br /></em></p>





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The results of the poll are in and the X-Files News book club will officially be reading Ground Zero by Kevin J. Anderson for it's first month. Read after the jump for more details.

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You would never believe in a million years that former FBI Agent, Medical Doctor extraordinaire, the queen of all kickass redheads, is turning fifty one this year. Perhaps the knowledge that the woman is immortal it's making it hard to imagine to some of us. Well, that and the fact that Gillian Anderson just gets more beautiful as time goes by.

We at XFN think that one of the best ways to celebrate a character that has inspired so many, and Gillian Anderson's unquestionable talents, is to take a stroll down memory lane. We will be revisiting the most remarcable episodes that are Just.So.Scully. on a two-day marathon, starting on Saturday, February 21st, 2015 at 8 a.m. EST and finishing on Sunday, February 22nd, at midnight. We'll ring in Dana Scully's Birthday on February 23rd.

Click after the jump for the list of episodes, show times and more details.

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Next month X-Files News will launch its very first book club. Each month we will read through one of the many X-Files books that have been published over the years. Read after the jump to find out how you can join in.

This is a contest for the True X-Phile!

As you know, The X-Files Board Game is finally amongst us. The folks at IDW Games have been hard at work on this puppy for quite some time and they have given us a set to give away to a worthy fan.

Now, this is a contest that will be challenging. We want to put those profiling and investigative minds at work; you like The X-Files, right? Well, you must surely have some FBI skills of your own.

Here is the premise of the contest

Through all of our pages you will find five different cards, one on each XFN page. The following is an actual game piece:


You can find the rest of the game pieces at our Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram â€“ Collect all of them!

The combination of the five cards will reveal a single quote from the show. We have broken down the complete quote in five parts; there’s one card to a portion of the quote. Each card, by itself, deciphers a single portion. When you combine all five phrases that you figure out from each card, you will have the complete quote. Simple enough, huh?


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