This week on Scorpion… Walter O’Brien and company take the risks to an explosive level!
The team has to stop a nuclear meltdown while dealing with a former member that might open old wounds and rattle the unity of the group. More emotional developments arise and we delve much deeper into their past struggles as a team.

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Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 4.25.48 AMIssue #4 of The X-Files: Year Zero answers a couple of burning questions while raising quite a few more.

As we near the conclusion to this great series, I’m left salivating for more and hoping that Karl Kessel can pull all the loose threads together to form a satisfying whole.

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101414-aq-scorpion104rev2Last night’s Scorpion has the team escaping to Vegas for some fun on their own. Agent Gallo wasn’t happy about it and they got into a fair amount of trouble… So how did Team Scorpion fair out on their first solo flight?

Was it too soon? Was the team able to survive after this experience? Did they win the jackpot and are they all retiring to Europe?

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Another week, another action packed Scorpion episode!

“A Cyclone” - the third episode this season, presents the team a crucial opportunity to prove their worth to the Government. Did they pass with flying colors? Were they amazing and genius like?

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A Vision of Fire is officially out there! Gillian Anderson's first novel has been released, and some of you may have already started reading! However, if you've been living in an ancient pueblo with the Cigarette Smoking Man these past few months, then here are the basics that you need to know about Gillian's new book.

A Vision of Fire is the first in a three novel series called The Earthend Saga. Gillian and Jeff Rovin, a New York Times bestselling author, have written the first together and are working on the final two.

The series centers around Dr. Caitlin O'Hara, a renowned child psychiatrist who treats children in the midst of some of the worst mental crises. In the opening pages, an assassination attempt is made on the Indian Ambassador to the United Nations who is in the middle of tense nuclear peace talks. When his daughter Maanik, who witnessed the incident, suffers a strange breakdown, Caitlin is called in to help.

There's a lot to talk about when it comes to A Vision of Fire, so hit the jump to read more, but beware, there are spoilers! Below is a synopsis, so if you want to read the book first, don't look any further.


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