On the second episode of Scorpion this week, titled "Forget Me Nots" we delve into a very interesting case for the team. They have to save the world from a nuclear war while dealing with the continuing tensions between all the relationships and a revamped Agent Gallo.

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Back when I interviewed Abduct director Ilyas Kaduji, he was deep in the trenches of post production. In our conversation and listening also to William B. Davis talk about his great experience shooting this film, I found myself very excited about the possibilities that it allowed to this group of creators.

Kindly enough, and even when the movie hasn't released just yet, Mr. Kaduji presented me with the unique opportunity to read and review the script of the film.

I have to say, it is a rare situation that has been granted to me. Usually, you're given the finished product to review and give an opinion on the work that is out for everyone to see, but this has given me insight into the moving pegs that will eventually become Abduct.

I will give you a short synopsis, trying not to spoil too much, after the jump.


Get your GPS out, because we're in new territory here.

This week Scorpion brought us two new episodes on consecutive days, airing on Sunday and Monday, and thank god for whoever thought of this idea. This is the review for episode #14 "Charades" where a confused Paige deals with Walter going undercover while he seduces a foreign operative.

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Topps Recap Header
The very first X-Files comic, "Do Not Open Until X-Mas" was published by Topps twenty years ago this month, way back in January 1995 as the show's second season was airing in the US. The comic series was written by Stefan Petrucha and illustrated by Charles Adlard who is now best known for The Walking Dead. Starting this month we will be looking back at the original Topps comics issue by issue, beginning of course with #1. For each issue we'll be giving you a full (and therefore spoiler filled) plot synopsis, as well as a look at the letters page and any other X-Files related features originally printed alongside the story. For our recap, read after the jump.

Title: Do Not Open Until X-Mas
Writer: Stefan Petrucha
Illustrator: Charles Adlard
Originally Published: January 1995
Currently Available: IDW Comics 100 Penny Press Re-Print, X-Files Classics Volume 1


Here at XFN we are ten episodes into our Millennium rewatch and so, it's time for a look back at the show so far. Read on for the answers to some of the questions you might have about this show, and details of the ongoing re-watch.


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