032215-ka-mlm1It’s been a long wait but Issue 2 of IDW’s Millennium comic from Joe Harris is finally here. The first issue brought together Mulder and Frank Black after the release of Monte Propps, the serial killer who was captured with the help of Mulder’s monograph in 1989. The issue ended with a murder and a few clues. Do Frank and Mulder get any closer to finding the killer in Issue 2?  

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Our look back at the X-Files comics published by Topps in the mid-1990s continues with issue #5: "Firebird Part Two of Three". Last issue we left Mulder in a destroyed military complex with a monster that looks like something Steve Jackson might draw on a new Munchkin card. Find out what happens next after the jump.

Title: Firebird 2/3 or "Crescit Eundo"

Writer: Stefan Petrucha
Illustrator: Charles Adlard
Published: May 1995
Currently Available: X-Files Classics Volume 1




Ah, the things we do for love. Again, my final reaction to "Bingo" is what it has been to all of the episodes barring last week's Mike-centric piece. Poor poor Jimmy. There was so very much right with Monday's episodes of Better Call Saul, but one thing a little wrong, which somewhat soured my reception of yet another excellent episode of my new favorite series. Thematically the show hit all the right notes. Visually, it outdid itself. Continuity-wise, there has been a hint and a nudge but perhaps a scene hit the cutting room floor, and I would have liked a little more clarification.

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031715-txfs10-1After a very long and involuntary hiatus, The X-Files: Season 10 is back with its 21st issue. "Elders", the first part of five, kicks off in high gear with a teaser that makes it clear times have changed for the forces in the shadows.

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This week's Millennium Monday recap looks back at "Kingdom Come". Read after the jump to check it out.


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