031215-sc118-01This week on Scorpion, the guys are tasked yet again with saving the world. No biggie. Tensions between three European countries have everyone on the brink of World War III and it’s up to the boys and girls to prevent it when one of the country’s leaders suffers an attempt on his life.

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Give me a minute to pick my heart up off the floor and reassemble it into something resembling an internal organ again. Tonight’s Better Call Saul could more aptly be titled All About Mike and I’d be completely okay with that. “5-0” added a heavy dose of drama, the likes of which we hadn’t yet seen on the show, and gave us a long awaited for backstory for fans of Breaking Bad. Poor Mike.

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This week's Millennium Monday recap looks back at S01xE05 - "522666". Read after the jump to check it out.

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Issue four begins the first three-part story from the original Topps series of The X-Files. Read after the jump for our review of "Firebird" part one.

Title: Firebird Part One of Three/"Khobka's Revenge"
Writer: Stefan Petrucha
Illustrator: Charles Adlard
Published: April 1995
Currently Available: X-Files Classics Vol. 1

bcsposterThis week’s episode of Better Call Saul was light on plot but heavy on character development. Fortunately the characters all have plenty of meat on their bones and there was enough weight brought to the moments to stop what could have easily become a slow episode and turn it into something with a heavy dose of emotion.

In a nutshell, Jimmy tried on yet another new suit and went all Matlock on us. Chuck stole a newspaper and went nuts. Nuttier? Then Mike showed up and raised ALL the questions, and the episode faded to black.

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