120814-aq-revenge-1This week on Scorpion, a member suffers an accident at a crime scene and shakes the whole team. Emotions and patience get tested, all the while trying to catch ruthless and violent criminals.

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120314-aq-txf19-coverAnnounced as the "most offbeat X-Files story yet", this month brings us Season 10's 19th issue, titled "G-23". The two-parter coming out on December 3rd explores the past of some of the most infamous key players of The X-Files, and includes Mulder's time as a cadet. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and instead sink our teeth into this story as it comes.

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This month in The X-Files: Year Zero, #5 Karl Kesel brings the series to a satisfying close, answering all the pertinent questions while leaving the door open for much more should IDW choose to continue the series. I, for one, sincerely hope they do. Solid storytelling and gorgeous art has been the cornerstone of this limited-run series and issue five is no exception.

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Agent Cabe Gallo from Scorpion - Photo courtesy of CBS Entertainment

“Talismans” is Scorpion’s 10th episode of the season. It is also the episode where I decide that either Santora reads my bucket list of requests for this show or we share the same sensibilities. I am by no means saying I’m at the same level of these writers, but I will go on to say that it is rare for me to say that I’m this satisfied by the episode sequence of any show these days. It is a solid hour of fun entertainment.

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In an explosion of all things LA and current, Scorpion delivered quite a loaded episode this week, as always. Love, fear, jealousy, and plenty of daddy issues were mixed in for a very nice pace.

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