XFiles 03-prregcovThe X-Files: Year Zero, issue #3, delivers the goods again this month, with gorgeous artwork and a storyline that keeps the pages turning.

We learn a little more about the mysterious Zero/Xero, and a lot more about the Manitou/wolfbeast threatening to take out our 1940's heroes when we last visited this story. With Mulder at his snarky, and Scully at her skeptical, best, this series continues to be one of my favorites.

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Written by David Foster and Directed by Bobby Roth, Scorpion’s “Single Point of Failure” gives us a peek into the Scorpion universe before this group of justice seekers was even close to becoming a reality. It continues to give us a glimpse of the benefits and resulting issues that being a genius can bring upon a person. In its second episode, Scorpion continues to deliver on the great start the pilot setup for this new team.

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Another month and a brand new story comes with The X-Files: Season 10! Joe Harris and the team at IDW bring us a MOTW issue that delves into the supernatural with a tinge of religious lore that promises to scare your pants off.

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XFiles YZ02 cvrSUB1The X-Files: Year Zero, Issue #2, once again delivers brilliantly, artfully merging both stories and timelines into a cohesive whole. Karl Kesel nails Mulder and Scully's voices, and in the process, continues to make me fall in love with Agent Bing Ellison and the unfortunately named Humility Ohio. After reading this issue, I can't wait to see what's next for the dynamic duos and how it all leads to the creation of "The X-Files". If you pick up just one comic series this year, I'd recommend Year Zero.

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The X-Files: Season 10, #15 is out today and with it our newest review. I found this last issue of the multi-parter very satisfying. Even though the content is cryptic at times and I could have used a couple more pages to elaborate further on the nature and consequences of the new advances of the story, Joe Harris delivered an issue that was filled to the brim with intrigue and builds upon the mythology being developed for Season 10.

As I've said in the past, this is not a series that is looking to wrap up story lines right away, and I'm looking forward to the next mythology issues coming up soon.

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